Crafty How To: Coffee Bag Pillow

One of our new Saturday morning rituals is to ride bikes up the street to the coffee shop. Maisy rides on the back of my bike and Afton pedals along behind us, training wheels and all. The coffee is delicious and there are lots of pastries and other yummies for breakfast.

 Best of all they have a train table and lots of toys- tea sets, books, and games. 

A few weeks ago I noticed these bags stacked in the back by the bathroom. They are fantastic burlap sacks filled with coffee beans.

I couldn't imagine these bags were thrown away after use. Maybe they were re-used each time ... or maybe they might be for sale. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed :)

And just my luck, the coffee shop does sell them, for only $5 each! So I rummaged through a stack and found this one. Black, tan, and blue. We rode home and while the girls were napping, I took apart the sack. I found an old throw pillow and simply sewed on the 'coffee sack' to make a new cover.

What a great pillow for only $5! Right now it is on the couch, but with the neutral colors and lovely texture, it might get moved around as needed.

Moral of this story: keep your eyes open. You never know what treasures might show up- even on your way to the bathroom!

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