Crafty How To: Monogram Pillow

The fun continues! Upcycling and reusing everything in sight :) Remember the 'coffee bag pillow' post?

Well that coffee bag had a back side and I had a piece of black felt. Anyone else thinking monogram???
So I found another throw pillow that was not being used and I decided it was in the need of a little help.  I printed out a big letter "C" in my favorite font- American Typewriter.

Then I pinned the "C" to the black felt and cut.

Next, I pinned the "C' to the burlap.

Right smack in the middle.

Then I sewed around the "C" in white thread using a tight zig-zag stitch.

Ta-da!  A super simple monogram pillow. It reminds me of one from Pottery Barn.

 My burlap monogram pillow will live in my hubby's office. Which I am finally working on! But more about that later :)

Don't have a coffee bag to use, run up to JoAnn's and purchase some burlap. Or stay tuned, I will be giving away an awesome coffee bag soon! 
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