"Dancing with the Stars" Headbands

My guilty pleasure lately has been 'Dancing with the Stars'. For some reason I get a kick out of watching celebrities train, sweat, and preform outside their comfort zones.

And of course there are a lot of girly details that I adore...  

like sparkly dresses,
high high heels,
chic hair styles,
and a red lipstick.

When I saw this episode with Chelsea Kane (if I had short hair, I would want Chelsea Kane hair!) I thought this girl needs a headband!

So in honor of DWTS fans everywhere, I present to you a few headbands that I think Chelsea Kane, Petra Nemcova, and even Kendra Wilkinson would wear. 

 Pretty fabulous huh?

Truthfully, I made these for an amazing "Red Carpet Birthday Party". The headbands were part of the 'swag bags' that the girls got to take home at the end of the night. 

But I know that my "Red Carpet Headband Collection" would look amazing on the likes of Chelsea Kane. Maybe I should send her one to wear on the show :)

Headbands above were all custom made- want one? Email me at craftytexasgirls@gmail.com
All photos courtesy of abc.com


  1. Your not the only one...I love that show. As soon as I saw chelsea Kane's hair..I had to have it and that just what I did.
    I might just need one... :)

  2. I love Dancing with the Stars! Petra Nemcova is gorgeous and Chelsea Kane's hair is too cute. Love the headbands- you should make a yoga-wear line!!

  3. Randomly came across your blog after a google search of "DWTS headbands" and I LOVE IT!!! They look awesome, really really cute!


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