Crafty How-To: Make a Tangled Rapunzel Tower Cake

So this was the big 5 weekend- Afton's Rapunzel Movie Party. I made lots of fun things for the party. This post focuses on just the dessert. I will show you the rest of the party details on Wednesday :)

Now one of the best parts of any party is the cake. For this party, she just had to have a 'little Rapunzel doll' and the tower. I scoured the web and found this idea. 

Bakerella's cake found here
Then the wheels in my head started turning and this is what I ended up creating.

Here are the supplies I used:
-Pre-packaged cinnamon rolls
- butter cream icing (found here)
-foam block
-scrapbook paper
-food coloring
-sugar cone
-silk flowers
-cupcakes, plus one extra liner
-wooden skewer or dowel rod
-canned icing
-Rapunzel doll

 The tower was made by stacking individually packaged cinnamon rolls on top of floral foam using a wooden skewer.

I alternated the direction of the rolls to give the tower more dimension.

 I placed the last cinnamon roll in a cupcake liner, this helps to support the top of the tower. I actually ended up turning the liner upside down after I took this photo, I thought it looked better :)

A cupcake goes on the very top. I also decided to wrap the foam base in purple scrapbook paper.

The roof is a sugar cone covered in purple icing. I made my own buttercream icing to use on the tower because it hardens better than the canned kind. Attach the cone to the cupcake with lots of icing.

Once the tower was made, then I had a lot of fun decorating the tower with icing vines and tiny purple silk flowers too.

 Then we baked yellow cupcakes for the girls to eat. (The tower IS edible, but we needed some cake!)

The best part was that Afton actually decorated each cupcake. We colored 'canned cream cheese' icing to make it purple.

Then she added purple/pink sprinkles and a silk flower to the top of each one. I found the purple and pink sprinkles in the party section at Wal-mart. They are from Wilton.

The girls were thrilled that they actually got to keep the flowers- I love 5 year olds!

 I stacked my two glass cake stands on top of each other to create one tall tiered stand.

 The cupcakes were nestled around the tower cake, with a special "5 candle" on Afton's cupcake.

Come back by on Wednesday to see the rest of the party fun! 

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