Crafty How-To: "Tangled" Rapunzel Movie Party

My sweet princess celebrated her 5th birthday in style with a "Tangled" Rapunzel party. She is all about Disney princess movies, Rapunzel, and popcorn. So with the release of the dvd on Tuesday, the timing was just right for her to have a movie party at home.

Each guest was mailed a movie ticket, complete with perforated bar code at the bottom. I ordered the tickets (similar to the ones shown below) through a designer on etsy. She customized the information and I printed them at home. Then I used a tracing wheel, from my sewing kit, to make the little 'holes' at the bottom.

Found here

I decorated our front door with a "Wanted: Flynn Rider" sign and a really, really long Rapunzel braid. I made the braid out of yellow yarn. I actually had to have my hubby help me braid it because it literally took three hands to keep it from getting tangled. No pun intended :)

Flynn Rider sign found here

Hair Braid, Flowers on Cupcakes, and Ribbons on Bunting via SuperMomMoments.

Afton was very specific about wanting a 'little doll' on the cake. So I used Bakerella's tower cake for inspiration and then 'made it my own' with more icing and flowers. My tutorial for the cake can be found here.

I made bunting with the 'official' sun medallion from the movie. My tutorial for making bunting can be found here. To make it "Rapunzel" bunting- just use purple card stock and use this stencil to make the medallions from yellow card stock. They were a bit tedious to cut out, but I only did 9.

The table was decorated with goody bags, Rapunzel crowns and Pascal party blowers. 

A simpler and printable version of the medallion bunting can be found here.
Crown template found here

The goody bags held 'stick-on' earrings, rings, and Rapunzel coloring sheets.

Party blower template found here

We set up our garage like a movie theater, but "Rapunzel-style" complete with purple chairs and lanterns. 
The lanterns were purchased from Party City.

 The girls snacked on popcorn and drank juices boxes while watching the movie. The chalk board wall was set-up so the girls could 'decorate the walls' like Rapunzel does in the movie. 

We also had a princess bounce house set-up. So they alternated between sitting very still and jumping around like crazy! And since they were in the garage, I didn't worry about spills :)

It was a great party, fit for a Princess.

Happy Birthday Afton!

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