Loving Headbands

I am making a lot of these days. And tomorrow, I am finally making one (or two) for me!

This is for an "OSU" fan. But I think I will wear it with a little black t-shirt, cute and festive for Halloween. 

 This is another view of the "Saints" inspired headband. I seriously think this would be an adorable way to add a pop of animal print to an outfit. (Fashionista Jordin from "I Love That!" listed animal print as a must-have for fall.)

Have a great weekend.


  1. I need you to make me about 6 of these...I'm not kidding. Actually, make me 7, 3 for each girl and then 1 for me :)! Just send me the bill :)!!!

  2. Hey!!!! Im such a jerk, I have been crazy busy and I feel like I never return email. I am so sorry!!! Can I get 6. Definatley 2 of the black and leapord combo, and then how bout 2 blueish / turqoiusey tones, and then 2 pink/ orangey combomation. I LOVE that big orange flower on the one headband!!! you use your judgement on the color combination. Your taste is fabulous...I totally trust it! How do I pay you????

  3. Hey! Don't worry about it- I know you have been super busy. Just send me an email with the email address you use for paypal, and I will send you a 'bill'. So happy to make you and your girls some fabulous headbands!!!

    :) Samantha


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:) Samantha

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