Glamping Party & Using a Cricut to Make Feather Earrings

My baby turned nine years old! To celebrate, she simply wanted a sleepover at home. So I started planning! We decided on a 'glamourous camping theme' also know as 'glamping'. Part of this was due to the adorable tent we bought for camping... but have yet to use! So with our theme in mind and a handful of excited guests, it was party time!

Glamping Party- The Decor
Our garage is unusually clean due to my dear husband. He mops the garage floor on a regular basis! How is the possible you ask? Well all of our lawn care items are in shed on the side of the house. And we are a pretty tidy bunch. So it was easy to transform this garage into Camp Maisy! We set up the tent, I made a camp fire and photo backdrop, and added some wild life too.

Glamping Party- The Activities
There was a lot of free play during this party. But we had some organized activities too.
We had a 'day time craft' and made 'God's Eyes' with yarn and Popsicle sticks.

We roasted hot dogs for dinner.

Of course there were presents to open.

And we had a night-time craft--- we added glow sticks to personalized water bottles to create 'lanterns'.

In the morning, after the glow "ran out", the girls took out the sticks and used them as regular water bottles.

Glamping Party- The Cake 
I made a chocolate cake with a mini-tent, bonfire with 9 candles and a little camper. I love how the candles looked like a bonfire when the candles were lit. 

Glamping Party- The Party Favors
This might have been my favorite part of the party! Have you seen all those cute 'leather/pleather' earrings that are so trendy right now? I made my own version using 'faux leather' from Hobby Lobby and my Cricut! I used a 'leaf pattern' to cut the feathers. Then I hand-cut the slits to turn the leaves into feathers. I added hardware from Hobby Lobby to make both pierced earrings and a set of clip-ons too.

Here I am in my earrings. Can you believe you can make these yourself using your Cricut machine?!

Maisy is such a delightful girl and her friends were the perfect guests. I think 'glamping' is something I would do again! Happy Birthday Maisy! 



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