PTA Luncheon- Science Lab Theme

I am in full PTA mode over here! When I think about volunteering, I want to live the motto "I don't have to volunteer, I get to volunteer!". It's a privilege to have the time and resources to serve others.  And one of my favorite groups of people to serve are "teachers".

Teachers! What can I say? Have you been into a school lately?!! Teaching is not a job for the faint of heart! So let's take care of teachers. And the best way to do that ... is with food.

 At our middle school, the principal picks a theme for the year and then we use that theme for our "Back to School Luncheon". The best part is, he always picks something a little unconventional. So we really get to be creative. Our theme for this event---"Breaking Bad" ... yep. "Breaking Bad" like the tv show!

We asked for clarification :) What does "Breaking Bad" have to do with teaching middle school kids? Our principal explained this year he wanted his teachers to 'break bad chemistry' with students and 'get back to the art and science of good teaching'. Makes sense to me! And it meant that we got to host a science themed luncheon. Do you know the best part of doing a 'science themed luncheon'? All the decor you need is in the school's science lab!

So my co-chair, Sheri, and I got to work and "shopped" the school. We found all kinds of cool beakers, microscopes, and scales.

We added flowers and tissue paper to the beakers.


And ordered these cute letters from Teachers Pay Teachers.

The middle school staff was blown away by the theme, decor and food. It was a great way to show them that we appreciate all they do!

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