What's Really Inside a POPSUGAR MustHave Box

For over a year, I have been a member of the POPSUGAR Select blogging team. POPSUGAR Select is a network featuring some of the best fashion, beauty, fitness, food, living, and mom bloggers. It's been a fun way to connect with other bloggers and share my projects. Plus it has brought some really cool opportunities my way. One of them is the chance to review products every now and then. Getting awesome goodies in a box for free = happy blogger!

(See that photo above? That's not really me. But I DID feel that chic as I was carrying my POPSUGAR box into my house. Where is a professional stylist & photographer when you need one?!)

Here is my attempt at that look. Like my sweaty hair and workout clothes? I bet you can relate. And since we are friends here... let's just keep it real :) 

This month, I was sent the POPSUGAR Select "Must Have Box". The Must Have Box is offered to a community of subscribers-  they receive a box filled with curated surprises each month. The idea is that you get discover new brands and full-sized products across fashion, beauty, home and more. 

There are two subscribing options when you sign-up, the "Must Have Box" and the "Mini". I was sent the "Must Have Box" for the month of June. So what's inside? Let's take a look! 

The hot pink box arrived to my door and everything inside was wrapped and packaged with cute tissue paper and stickers. 

Details of what was included: 
-Hat Attack Natural Diamonds Sarong ($58)- This is a big sarong! Their website shows lots of fun ways to style it. 

-Sisters of Los Angeles CHEERS Bottle Opener  ($12-) I will use this for sure when we entertain. 

-Wild and Wolf Ridley's Games Room "Who Am I" ($13)- Fun game for a couples night in.

-NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer ($16)- It's silver, red, and blue glitter polish. My girls and I will wear this in July.

-Knock Knock Are You Ready For Your Close-Up? Compact ($10)- My daughter has already swiped this from me. On the outside it says "Are you ready" and on the inside it says "for your close up?"

-Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes ($9)-This is a great idea-- I have never used deodorant wipes. I am going to put them in my gym bag.

-Pressels in Sriracha flavor ($1)- I really liked the flavor of these. Yummy, a little spicy, and pretty satisfying.

So what's the real story on the POPSUGAR "Must Have Box"?
-Cost for the full size box, like I received, is $39.95 per month. (contents of box are valued at $100)
-Cost for the mini box, which is a mini version of what I was sent, is $18.95 a month. 
-The subscription is 'auto-renew', so it will keep coming each month. But the shipping is free. 

-You get to try-out products you might not normally buy. 
-You might end up with some cool high dollar items. (I looked online at the contents of past boxes and they included name brand sunglasses, unique cookies cutters, gift cards to Victoria's Secret.) 
-The contents change each month and always include things for the home, fashion, and beauty products. 
-It's fun to get a box of presents each month!
-You can choose a 3 month, 6 month or Annual subscription. You get a good price discount the more months you commit to. 

-You don't know what you are getting. You could be delighted or disappointed. 
-It's $39.95 a month. (The best things in life are free, but unfortunately cool products aren't!) 

Overall opinion: On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 6. I have been wanting a sarong and I always love a new polish. So just those items alone would have cost me about $75. If you calculate the price of the other items that were included in the box,  I ended up ahead on this deal. Would I sign up for this service myself? Honestly? I would say "Maybe"-- because as a stay-at-home mom, it's hard to justify spending money on myself "just for fun". Between family expenses and kids extracurricular activities, being a parent is a pricey job! But maybe 'mom' deserves a little treat now and then too. And for $39 a month, this treat would be fun to get each month. 

Have you every tried a monthly shopping subscription like this? What was your experience? What did you think of the items in my POPSUGAR Must Have Box? Let me know in the comments below! 

*Disclosure- Like I said, I was sent this box to review for free. All opinions are my own! I really hope this review was helpful to you :) :) 

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