Elf on the Shelf Name Tags (Free Printable)

She's back! The Elf on the Shelf has landed! And whether you are a fan (or not) it's hard to ignore all the fun "Elf-ness" that can be found this season in stores and online. My girls were visited by our favorite Elf, Christmas Carol. And she has a new little friend- too. A special Elf just for Maisy. They are such a cute pair!  Like many of you, we named our Elves. The girls sat and thought of sweet names and that was that.

But this year, Afton was worried that although Carol was her elf's "Given Name"--it might not be her real "North Pole Name". So she wrote Carol a note that simply said "What is your real name?". 
The next morning, Carol and her friend showed up with name tags! And it turns out, her "North Pole Name" is not Carol. It is Poppy! And her friend is Tinsel :) If you have given your Elf a name- but you want to know his or her "North Pole Name", here is what to do! Simply write your Elf a note before bed. Leave the note near your Elf along with this little name tag.

Drag and drop this tag onto your desktop. Then size and print it! (Inserting it into a Word document or using PicMonkey.com helps with the sizing!) For an elf-sized tag, it needs to be really little. 

When you wake up in the morning, your Elf will be wearing the little name tag with her "North Pole Name" on the tag. It's a fun surprise to see what name Santa calls your Elf at the North Pole!


Special Note to Parents: Sometimes your child Elf's might not move every night. Ever wonder why this happens? See this post for the Top 10 reasons why an Elf might forget to move.

And if YOU need help reminding your Elf to move, click here!  (It's a Facebook page for parents only!)

The holidays bring full calendars and often- lots of stress. But personally, I am trying really, really hard to embrace all the memory making opportunities. Our kiddos only get one childhood. And these little traditions are what happy recollections are made of. Remember you run the calendar- it doesn't run you! So fill December with magic and love. And when our kids are all grown up, they will look back on these days with happy hearts.

Need elf-ish ideas?? See more of my "Girl Elf" posts by clicking here. 
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