DIY Rosette Cake (Posh Puppies in Paris theme)

My sweet Maisy Lou turned six last week. And this year, I felt like making the cake myself! So that's what I did :)

Maisy's birthday theme was  "Posh Puppies in Paris"-- it went along with the Fashion Runway party package that we ordered at Sweet & Sassy. I knew I wanted her cake to be girly, pink, and a little 'over the top'.

I started baking the night before --like at midnight, because that's always a great time to start any project right?! I used three box mixes to bake 6 cakes. (I only ended up making the cake 5 layers, because I felt the 6th one would have made it too wobbly.) I used chocolate and vanilla mixes and baked them in 9 inch round pans.

Ever wonder how to get your cake layers flat and even? Well after I baked the cakes, I put each cake on a piece of waxed paper to cool and then set another piece of wax paper on top, then I put a cookbook and a can of soup on top of each layer.  I left the cakes like this overnight.

When I got up the next morning, the cakes were cooled, flat and even in size. Then I set them on top of each other, layering icing in between each layer. (I used canned vanilla icing for this part.) I did a thin crumb coat of icing over the outside of the cake. Then I refrigerated the cake for an hour or so. The crumb coat makes icing the cake much easier!

While the crumb coat was setting, I made two batches of butter cream icing. This recipe from Live, Love, and Sugar is the best one I have used so far. I highly recommend it- great flavor and the perfect consistency for decorating. I added a little food coloring to make it pink . (Click here for the Best Butter cream Icing Recipe!)

Using a pastry bag and a star tip (I used a #5, but any star tip would work!) I made rosettes all over the cake. Below, I made a short video that shows how easy this process really is. It is very forgiving, perfection is not required! There were a few 'holes' in between flowers, so I filled those with 'stars' of icing. I added chocolate pearls randomly to the flowers to 'fancy it up'.

Maisy's name is made from Almond Bark that I melted and piped onto wax paper, in the shape of a label. I used black icing to do the lettering.

The puppy on top is made from two cupcakes, marshmallows and a lot of icing! Her bow is a Laffy Taffy :) I got the idea and tips to make it from the book, Hello Cupcake.

Maisy was thrilled with the cake. And happily, it was as yummy as it was cute.

Cakes are a lot of work, but it was totally worth it for this girl!

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