DIY Father's Day "Desk Plate"

For Father's Day this year, I fired up the power saw and got to work.

I think I scared of few of you when I posted this picture to Instagram. Luckily all my limbs are still in-tact. And even better, I have a crafty Father's Day idea to share with you! It is a bit 'cheer inspired'-- you know "Give me a D, give an A, give me a D! What's that spell??? DAD!!" And it is also a nod to my love of funky photography for gifts. (Remember the chalk photo we did a few years ago?)

So to make your own, Father's Day Desk Plate, here is what you need:
-Photos of your kids posed like letters
-OR you could just frame the photos if you prefer to skip the power saw and what-not :)

To take the photos, find a neutral background and either a ladder or high stool. Pose your kids and take a pic. Keep in mind you can crop and adjust the brightness or color in PicMonkey if needed. And not only is this a cute photo opportunity, it actually is a good learning opportunity. My little one is in preschool, so this was perfect for her 'letter knowledge'. And my big one had the opportunity to play 'choreographer'. Win-win!

After the photos were uploaded to my computer, I used the collage feature on PicMonkey.com to put them in order. We are fortunate enough to have 5 special guys to celebrate on Father's Day. (Dad, Grandpa, Grandan, Gramps, Papa) So we made a lot of letters and a lot of collages. Your older kids can help create the photo collages (kids these days are SO tech saavy!)

I added the collages to a document on Word, using the landscape layout on legal sized paper. I sized the photos to fit on the legal paper and keeping in mind that they would be going onto a 2X4. Then after fighting with my printer, I just sent the photos to Staples. com and had them printed there. If I were you, I would skip the home printer and go straight to a print center. The quality is always better and the stress is less.
I made this to put on the back of the 'desk plate'
Now on to the power tools! I bought a 2X4 and cut it into pieces that matched the length of the photo collages. I used a power sander to smooth the edges. And then the girls helped me stain the wood.

Once the stain dried over night, I re-sanded the edges to give the wood a worn look. Then I nailed on the photo collages using little tacks.

And voila! A DIY Father's Day Desk Plate.

"Front of the Desk Plate"
"Back of the Desk Plate" 
Here is how I imagine my hubby will display it in his office... :)

Hope you have a great Father's Day! And if you need it, feel free to grab and print this little tag below. Your kids could sign their name with chalk or a 'silver Sharpie' and attach it to a Father's Day gift.

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