How to Make Really Good Homemade Play Dough

It's been a fun week around here. My little Maisy has a birthday on Saturday, so I have been working on some cute things for her party. And I made three batches of play dough. Yes, I said THREE.

It all started when I signed up to bring the 'color of the month' play dough for Maisy's preschool. I got a sweet letter from her teachers saying I could buy the play dough or make it. A simple recipe was included. And you know me, my first reaction was "make it" of course! I gathered all the ingredients and my camera. We made the play dough, I bagged it. It was perfect. Happy!

The next day, I opened the bag, ready to transfer it to the cute pumpkin jar I had etched. But overnight, the plump pretty dough turned into slime. I dumped it on the counter and threw in some flour. "It's still good, it's still good" I assured myself  Maisy. Not so, it was horrible. I spent 20 minutes trying to scrape it off the counter. Maisy gave up on me and went to play with the dog. It was ruined. Sad!

I reached out to some friends on facebook and instagram. Lots of recipe ideas and suggestions, but I wasn't so confident.  I fought the urge to just go and buy some and settled on putting together some orange salt dough. Salt dough is easy, I really like salt dough. But salt dough is defintely not play dough. It always ends up a bit sticky after a few uses. It needs frequent flour baths. I couldn't send it to school and try to pass it off as play dough. Salt dough wouldn't last the entire month of October in a class full of three year olds!

(Although it sure photographed well don't you think?)
My husband gave me the look, you know, the 'Hey Crazy, let it go!' look. But I was more determined than ever. This play dough was defining me as a person. That makes perfect sense right? A good mom should be able to make homemade play dough. So I put together my third batch. Then I let it sit out on a piece of wax paper for 8 hours. (Jeff made me set the timer and walk away. I tend to be impatient sometimes.)

And surprise, surprise it worked!

I guess good things do come to those who wait. Or those who make something three times. I mean it was just play dough for preschool!

Do you ever let something as simple as making homemade play dough 'define you'? Could homemade play dough really be the measure motherhood-competency? No, probably not. But it felt good to finally get it right :)

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