A Friday Chat

Today my mind is scattered all over the place. So instead of a tutorial, my musings on motherhood, or a round-up of my latest finds on Pinterest, I thought I would just write about the photos I have saved to show you and the random thoughts floating around in my head. It will be like two friends chatting over our morning coffee.

 This morning, I am off to meet with my production manager about a few new things for Samantha Conner Designs. I am quite excited about some new ideas that will coming out in the next few months. I am also getting to work on filling 4th of July orders, so if you haven't pre-ordered yet, make sure you do. Free shipping for those red, white, and blue accessories til May 20th!

Later I am heading over to pick-up my race packet for Heels and Hills. My running friends and I are doing the half marathon on Sunday. This has been my best training yet. I have felt great and the long runs have been fun. I got some new running gear, which I tried out on Wednesday. I am usually a 'nike' girl when it comes to shorts and tanks. But my hubby got me some UnderArmour and I am sold! On race day I am wearing these shorts in black with a hot pink tank. Comfy and cute!

Soccer season is winding down for Afton. It has been a good season, but I can tell it is not her favorite activity. For now, her passion is tumbling. I am pretty proud, because honestly I can't even do a cart wheel! It is so interesting watching these little kids. Personalities, talents, emotions- they are all very real. I am trying my best to raise girls that will be good adults. And when you think about it that way, the little job of mothering seems 'oh so big'! 

We bought some new art supplies at Target the other day. Glitter chalk from RoseArt and a new 'ring' of markers. Both have been huge hits. The glitter chalk is some serious stuff. Even a week after she decorated the driveway, the glitter is still there. Love it!

 And Maisy and I are 'riding the potty train'. She is doing quite well and so am I! Of course it has been lots of laundry and some accidents. But I can tell it is the right time. Plus I bought her some big girl Rapunzel panties- so she is happily trying her best!

 Finally we were recently at a friend's first birthday party and I snapped a few pictures because it was just the cutest thing. It was a "Vintage Circus" themed party for one year old twins! My friend Diana is all about the details, so the party was fun and adorable. She and I are hoping that Maisy will choose one of her boys to marry... do people still do 'betrothals' anymore? :) I would love to have one of these boys for my son-in-law!


 Well I think we are all caught up now! Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope you have a great weekend. If you have a chance, leave me a comment... what things are floating around in your head today?


  1. Can't wait to here whats going on with your business! Her party was adorable! Not looking forward to potty training, fortunately we are no where near it;)

  2. Love how festive it all looks!

  3. My great granddaughters were subjected to lead poisoning and the inspector who came to investicate the house mentioned that chalk especially from China was not good for children. He recomended chalk made by Crayola as the only safe chalk for children to use. It does not contain lead whereas other chalks possibly could. I do not know if ingredients are listed on chalk containers. Just passing along the info about something I never thought about that children would come in contact with.
    Enjoyed this post very much.

  4. Love your party set up.Good luck at your race.


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:) Samantha

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