Bullet Journals for Teens

Afton invited me to be a 'guest crafter' for her NCL meeting. National Charity League (or NCL) is a mother-daughter service organization for girls in grades 7-12. It focuses on building mother-daughter relationships through community service. The girls meet as a group once a month. Their meetings are centered around a guest speaker or a community activity.  For this meeting, the girls wanted to work a craft. I was so honored that Afton suggested I help with the meeting. (Anyone with a teenage daughter knows this is a big compliment- ha!)  So I worked with another mom to come up with a craft that would be meaningful and fun for 8th-grade girls. After talking about all issues and pressure young women face in middle school, we decided that bullet journals would be perfect.

Bullet journals are a great way to express your ideas, thoughts, and emotions through doodles, quotes, and scripture. Unlike a traditional journal that focuses only on writing- a bullet journal gives you the option of jotting down ideas and drawings. You can use it to collect inspiration or share emotions.

I found the black and white marble journals on sale at Walmart. My craft partner, Heather, found images on Pinterest and printed them out. Each girl was given a baggie with quotes and scrapbook paper to use in her journal.

I printed out doodle ideas and handwriting examples. I also made a few examples to share with them. 

You can use pens, watercolor markers, sharpie, crayons or colored pencils. Other supplies needed are scissors, glue sticks, and scrapbook paper. 

Along with the bullet journal craft, we talked about the pressure of social media and the risks of believing everything you see in those little Instagram squares. The girls were pretty candid in sharing how they felt about all those perfect girls on social media. "Even if you 'don't buy into it, it does make it seem like beauty has to be skinny and perfect." 

Heather and I shared that true, lasting beauty is how you make others feel. It's how you use your gifts to help others. Your actions, not your looks, make the world more beautiful.

I hope the girls took some of it to heart. Being a teenager in this digital age is hard. But I believe that by having a safe place to share feelings, worries, dreams, and ideas-- these girls can find their way. 

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