Valentines Ideas (Save for Next Year!)

Timing is everything. Which is why I am laughing as I write this post. Who wants great ideas for Valentines... on February 17th???? Well I am hoping you do! Or at least you are curious to see what we did for Valentines. And if you are sooo over the whole 'pink hearts and love blah blah blah' well... I hope you pin this post and then come back and read it sometime in February 2018.

Here are my favorites from this past month. I had so many cute ideas planned for Valentines this year and happily we got to do almost all of them!

My friend Kim hosted a Valentine's party for our girls. They decorated cookies and made slime. Slime is the 'new must-do' craft for tween/teens right now. We made ours with equal parts Elmer's glue and liquid starch. Mix until the consistency is just right, then add food coloring and glitter. There are so many variations of the slime recipe. Check out Pinterest for more slime recipes!

And how adorable are these "Love Kabobs" she made for the party?! Brownie bites are my favorite. 

At preschool, we did lots of heart crafts. One of the most fun were these coffee filter hearts. We cut coffee filters into the shape of hearts. The kids colored on them with magic markers, then misted them with water. It made for some beautiful 'tie dye' looking art. 

And this made me happy-- "I Love You to Pieces". We cut the squares and the kids glued them on the heart. You could also have the kiddos tear the pieces themselves. 

For Valentine boxes this year, my girls decided they wanted to make 'vending machines'. (My oldest found the idea on Pinterest. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree right?!) I have to say, this was a do-able project for a 5th grader. My 1st grader needed lots of help. And I was more than happy to assist!

And I have to post this photo-- because it's too cute not to share. This was a Valentine box made by one of the kids in my preschool. Preschool moms are so crafty! 

We continued some of our favorite Valentine traditions this month... I served heart strawberries with breakfast. 

And I did another heart braid. 

And we started a few new traditions. We decorated jars for the teachers using goodies from Craft Project Ideas. Then we filled them with chocolate. If there is one thing I have learned this year, it is that everyone loves to be remembered with a treat at the holidays. No gesture of kindness is ever too small. 

I also started the "Heart on the Door" countdown. On February 1st I put one heart on each of my daughter's doors. On the heart, I wrote something kind about them.

Each morning, when they woke up-- a new heart was on their door. This continued until they had 14 hearts--- until Valentines Day.

The girls really looked forward to seeing their heart collection grow and reading the love notes. I will definitely do this again next year. (They have already told me they don't want me to ever take down their hearts!)

On Valentine's Day, I helped with their class parties. 5th grade had an ice cream sundae bar, card exchange and karaoke. 1st grade had treats and a card exchange. This will be the last year that my girls are at the same school. This is the last year andthat I can run back and forth between their classes. I know I will miss that luxury next year, so I am soaking it all in while I can.


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