I Didn't Kill It (Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig)

I am such a bad gardener. Every plant in my house is fake. But a good fake (So good that my husband spent 6 months watering one of them before I noticed and told him to stop.) Oh I have seen thousands of pinterest photos- chic homes filled with living plants, but I knew better. I knew that a living plant wouldn't stand a chance under my care.

Until I met Lucy. I spotted her in the middle of my local Home Depot and for some reason, I decided to give her a shot. For $30 I figured the worse that could happen would be that I killed her. And since Home Depot has a 'plant guarantee'-- well, then all would be forgiven.

Fast forward one year and I am happy to announce that Lucy is still alive! How did I do it you ask? The Fiddle Leaf Fig has a reputation for being tricky. So I did a little research and decided on a plan. Every Saturday morning, Lucy gets exactly one cup of water. The water is room-temperature. And then I mist her leaves with water. Other than that, I leave her alone. She does not get moved around, she does not get extra water. She is on a strict routine and it works! (I have a reminder set on my phone so that I never skip a 'watering session'.) When her leaves get dusty, I wipe them down with a damp cloth. She sits by the window and gets some lovely filtered light.

And over the past year she has not only survived-- she has thrived.

I like having a living plant. It adds color and I think it's nice to have something from 'nature' in our home.

Do you have any house plants? Are they dead or alive? :)

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