Teach Your Kids to Sew

My girls are always asking for a craft. This time, my ten-year old really wanted to do a sewing craft. If you ever wanted to sew with your kids, this is the craft for you! Sewing is a good life-skill- it teaches patience, eye-hand coordination, and someday it will come in handy! (trust me!) So I took the girls to Hobby Lobby and bought two inexpensive embroidery hoops, a bit of fabric, needles, and embroidery floss.

If you want to sew with your kids- here is what you need.

-Embroidery Hoop
-Embroidery Floss

Afton also has this fun sewing box. You don't need a fancy sewing box-- but it is a good idea to have a place for you kids to stash their fabric and supplies. It helps keep everything organized and they can pull it out easily whenever they get the itch to stitch!

1. Draw your child's name (or whatever you want to sew) on the center of the fabric using a pencil. I made the letters connect- like modified cursive. Put the fabric in the embroidery hoop. The hoop pulls the fabric tight and makes it easy for your child to hold and manipulate.

2. Thread the needle and have your child sew along the line. We didn't do any fancy stitches. Just up and down. My 10 year old did small, tight stitches. My 6 year old did larger stitches. A few times she messed up, so I helped her pop the needle back through the hole and fix the mistake.

3. I helped with threading the needle and then tying off the thread, when it got too short. Other than that, the girls did themselves. I was surprised they were willing to do it all in one sitting!

When they finished, we hung the Embroidery Art in their rooms.

They are so proud of what they made-- and so am I!

Even if you don't feel 'qualified' to teach your child to sew, trust me, you are! If you can sew on a  button - you are ready to share this project with your kids. And if you still feel un-sure, check out YouTube for sewing tutorials. You and your kids can learn together. This activity is perfect for a long car ride, a lazy day when you are stuck inside the house, or whenever you want some quiet bonding time with your child. Sons or daughters. Sewing is fun! 

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