Easter Basket Ideas for Girls & Boys (Reusable Items they will Actually Use!)

Every year I get a bit stuck when it comes to Easter baskets. They can be so adorable, but they can also can be a bit wasteful. So this year, I am trying to fill my baskets with items that are thoughtful and reusable. Who's with me?! Here are four ideas for themed "baskets" that can be used year round-- and are sure to make the Easter bunny proud :)

To get started, choose a basket that you can use again and again. I like a natural wood or woven basket- one that I can use for storing toys, throw blankets, or to house an indoor plant. A canvas bag or metal basket can look great too.

I just received this gift basket from Gifts.com and after we eat all the yummy treats inside, it will be the perfect Easter basket. I like how sturdy it is! After Easter, the basket can sit on my stairs and collect shoes, toys and all those things that constantly need to be 'put away' :)

After selecting your basket, the fun begins. It's time to fill it! My favorite themes are ones that match my kids' interests. These can be used for a boy or girl-- young or 'old'. And don't worry, you can always throw in a chocolate bunny, plastic eggs, fresh fruit, and a stuffed rabbit-- it is Easter after all!

1. Summer Fun Easter Basket- Stuff a beach towel in the bottom of the basket, instead of using plastic grass. Then add in sunglasses, pool float, goggles, hat, sunscreen, flip flops, swimsuit, magazines, sun umbrella, DVDs, hair brush, hair accessories, doll or small toy, selfie stick, t-shirt or tank top, and a Peeps rabbit pillow.

2. Crafty Themed Easter Basket- Start with recycled newspaper in the bottom of the basket, instead of plastic grass. Then add in a notebook, paint set, markers, crayons, pastels, pencils/erasers, tote bag, sketch pad, ribbon, picture frame, folders, craft paper, glue, modeling clay, t-shirt, scissors, stickers, art book, and a rabbit lap pillow.

3. Green Thumb Easter Basket- Start with bright green tissue paper in the bottom of the basket, instead of plastic grass. Then add in seeds, a bag of bulbs, terracotta pots, gardening tools, hand tools-- like a rake or spade, hat, sunglasses, gardening clogs or crocs, gardening book, and a rabbit statue or gnome for the garden. (This would be a great family basket-- the perfect beginning to a spring garden!)

For more fun Easter ideas- click here.

4. Park Adventure Easter Basket- Start with a picnic blanket in the bottom of the basket, instead of using plastic grass. Then add in a water bottle, kick ball, Frisbee, crocs or converse, socks, t-shirt or tank top, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, string backpack, yard game (badminton, horseshoes etc), football, magazine, book, small portable speaker, and a rabbit kite.

Looking for a ready-made Easter Basket that is sure to delight? Try Gifts.com-- lots of great 'non candy' options. Beautiful baskets filled with either healthy food or fun items that will be enjoyed over and over again.

Whatever ends up in your Easter Basket, take a moment to reflect on the reason for the celebration. Jesus has Risen! 

Happy Easter my friends. 

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