Craft It: Tie Dye for Kids (the easy way)

I grew up making 'tie-dye' shirts at Vacation Bible School. I loved them. Messy, imperfect, and very 'summery'. Since then, I haven't attempted tie dye again because it seemed 'too messy and imperfect'. But then I received a kit from Craft Project Ideas.com and I knew it was time to give tie-dye another shot.

The kit came with enough dye to make a whole bunch of shirts. I only had two white t-shirts, but I wish I had stocked up and made tank tops, shorts, and pillowcases too. So if you try it, make sure to have a lot of items on hand, you will want to dye everything!

The kit was provided free by CraftProjectIdeas.com and/or Horizon Group USA
I decided to give the 'heart' shape a try on Maisy's shirt. So I followed the directions for folding it in a heart shape. But Afton insisted on doing her own-- she didn't want me to make her shirt:) So she just twisted and placed the rubber bands however she pleased. We ALL agreed that 'rainbow' was the way to go.

The 'y-shaped' shirt is my attempt at making a 'heart'.  Fingers crossed!
The directions in the kit were easy. Just remember to wear your gloves. I made sure Afton had a pair on, but forgot to put mine on. I had purple fingers for several days.

Then we mixed and dyed. As long as your surface is covered and you wear an apron or are careful with your clothes, then you are set! We let them soak in the dye in a plastic bag overnight. (The directions recommend a few hours, but we forgot to take them out!) Finally we washed them and popped them in the dryer. Good and done!

I have seen lots of cute ideas for cutting up t-shirts that have been tie-dyed to make funky dresses etc. But my girls just like them as 'big t-shirts'. They like to put them on after a hot day at the pool. Loose and comfy, the perfect cover-up for summer.

As you can see, my 'heart' for Maisy' shirt didn't really turn out. I didn't fold it right or something, so the heart shape turned into a balloon shape instead. And I am embracing it-- 'messy and imperfect' seem to fit us just right this summer.

Want to give tie-dye a try? Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for a chance to win your own tie-dye kit. Want to make a tie-dye shirt now? Head over to Walmart and find the 'Fashion Tie-Die Kit' from craftprojectideas.com.

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PS- Starting next week, you may notice I am not posting regularly. I am taking a little 'summer break' from blogging. My littles need me and I need them! So I am setting aside posting to enjoy my girls' smiles. Happy Summer my Friends! 

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  1. I have been dying (lol!) to make my daycare kiddos tye dye shirts for outings. So I would dye a bunch of kids tees :)

  2. I have been dying (lol!) to make my daycare kiddos tye dye shirts for outings. So I would dye a bunch of kids tees :)


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