Custom Orders and a Craft Room

So excited to have so many custom orders lately. I've had several people drop off bags off clothing so that I can make bows to match their daugther's fall wardrobe.

These first four are a new line- Giant Royal Bows. Same concept as the regular Royal bows but bigger. They measure 6 inches across. They cost $12 each.  Gotta love a big bow! 

I made the regular Royal bow size (5 inches across) for the sister. These are the regular price of $10 each.

Next up, something else new, a hard headband. I covered it in coordinating fabric. Love how it turned out. This is for a Saints fan, but I think it would go well with just about anything. I think the idea of a chic hair accessory is so cute for a football game.

And an adorable football tutu for an Oregon Ducks fan...

Finally, one of my favorites- a black tutu with hot pink flower and bow. So sassy!

I have been working like crazy on finishing up orders while getting my craft room done. After years of sitting on the floor in the guest room making tutus and bows, I decided I needed a proper space to work.

And since we've had 'guests' stay in that bed maybe twice a year, I (please note, when I say "I" am redoing this room- I actually mean I making color decisions and bringing home thrift store furniture. Jeff is doing all the labor of course!)  decided to take out the bed and make it into a comfortable working space for me!

Here is the only before shot I have- yellow is the word that comes to mind. Stay tuned- I am super excited about the make-over this room is getting!


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:) Samantha

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